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my dump controller
« on: November 15, 2010, 03:58:26 PM »
Hi everybody, my name is Pedro and I live in Portugal, since a long time ago that I follow this forum.

When I decide to build my own wind generator, I check on the web for information

My preferences go for Hugh Piggott model,
I contact with him and he was a very good helpful

I build an 8 foot machine 12 volt model

I still contact him every time I have a doubt

Now I need a dump system, the best idea about that it was air heater, because I don’t have any appliance at home for use at dump system

I search for a DIY for controllers and I have found two,141564.html

I build the first one and its working, not the way its describe, and I’m testing him, I connect the DC cable direct to batteries, so I don’t use any relay, I wish to use the signal from IRF 510 to activate the IRF Z44N, the test point A I´ll set him for 14, 4 Volts and the test point B for 14, 3 Volts, hope that works.


The second I have follow the instructions from GHurd controller. (Now I know that it was cheaper and easy buy the kit), well if it doesn’t work fine ill buy a kit.

I believe for the post about the kit that it was the best one.

My dump system has 8 resisters that I build at home, I use ceramic pipes from scrap, the box and wires was from a dead UPS, the pieces of aluminum and fans were from damage computer power supply.


I have followed the schematics from Mr GHurd, and I can say that was a great help for the job

I have these two breakers; it´s a good idea put then between the batteries and the dump box. I can use then in case of any problem?

This is what I have done, maybe next days I can share more with all forum users,
Thanks for yours post, because help too


Pedro Bernardo


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Re: my dump controller
« Reply #1 on: November 21, 2010, 11:51:34 PM »
Excellent workmanship - both on the controller and on the turbine (I watched the video/slideshow)

Thank you for sharing the pictures!

You probably know that using a circuit breaker normally will lead to disconnecting the circuit.  A turbine that is disconnected from its load it will run away, ever faster until it is destroyed.
However, you can modify circuit breakers (depending on the type) to act as a short-circuit.  This will stop the turbine because the high currents in the coils cause a braking effect.  This kind of braking should be done on the AC side of the rectifiers.  To apply this kind of short-circuit to the DC (battery) side will destroy the batteries.  In your slideshow photographs I see that the recrifiers are in a box on the top of the tower, meaning any AC shorting shut-down system must be accomplished on top of your tower.  Inconvenient to lower the tower to restore functioning of the turbine, to say the least!

There are other alternatives, of course, but they will not involve the use of such circuit breakers.  It can be done with relays the "break" the circuit with the battery before they "make" the short circuit to the turbine.  Unfortunately the rectifiers are exposed to pulses of high current doing this, and you risk burning them out.  Still not ideal.

What system do you actually use to shut down the turbine?

If you are proposing instead to use the circuit breakers to protect just the dump load, then consider this: which is more expensive to lose, the resistors or the batteries?  You may have cheap batteries, but my choice would be to burn up the resistors before letting any harm fall upon my batteries.
No one believes the theory except the one who developed it.  Everyone believes the experiment except the one who ran it.

System spec: 135w BP multicrystalline panels, regulated by Xantrex C40, DIY 8ft diameter wind turbine, regulated by Tri-Star TS60, 800AH x 24V AGM Battery, Xantrex SW4024


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Re: my dump controller
« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2010, 10:34:34 AM »
Hi friend

Thank´s for your tip, i never think about "circuit breaker normally will lead to disconnecting the circuit"

you are right if that happen the circuit are not connected

in this picture you can see how i brake the turbine

first i disconnect the batteries and then brake the turbine (almost at same time)

i really should modify the circuit breakers otherwise something wrong can happen´s

i have this posted at control too