Author Topic: What are your thoughts on CLF bulbs?  (Read 7918 times)

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Re: What are your thoughts on CLF bulbs?
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I wonder if CFL's really are lasting the expected life claimed by manufactures?

I think you'll find as with most claimed lives there would be a set of parameters they are based on. I'd guarantee one of those in this case would be run time.  I Imagine they don't want you turning them on too often but also not running them too long where the electronics would heat soak.
I would also think they would specify environmental conditions like temp and humidity and power supply Voltage, frequency and stability.
There could be other factors such as air movement, clearance, orientation and others.
It wouldn't be straightforward that I be sure of that.

Spose the only way to tell their lifetime in practicality would be put a timer on the circuit that measured their run time.  Could take some years before they failed. Probably cheap little timers on Fleabay you could use for the job now.

For CFL's, I really wonder why you would bother with them these days? Still horrible damn things IMHO and still not cheap.  Saw them on sale at the hardware 2 days ago for a box of 6x 400 Lumen models ( which I thought was very dim) for $40.

$40 would have bought a LOT of incandescent globes which were always under a dollar for domestic sizes here.