Author Topic: report KD 626 with description of VIRYA-1.25AF windmill available  (Read 88 times)

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On my website: there is a new report KD 626 available at the menu KD-reports. KD 626 describes the VIRYA-1.25AF windmill. This windmill uses the front weel hub of a mountain bike as generator housing. The 2-bladed stainles steel rotor with a diameter of 1.25 m is mounted at the front flange. The armature sheet of the 8-pole, 3-phase axial flux PM-generator is mounted at the back flange. The steel stator disk with six separate coils is clamped on the shaft. An assembly drawing is given in figure 1 of KD 626. Some of the drawings of the VIRYA-1 and the VIRYA-1.36 must be used but the specific drawings for the VIRYA-1.25 AF are given at the end of KD 626.

The VIRYA-1.25AF is meant for 12 V battery charging and the maximum power is about 50W. More information is given in the folder of the seven free VIRYA-designs which you find at the menu "VIRYA folders". The windmill is not yet tested. This is really a simple design if no proper standard generator is available.