Author Topic: Ideal voltage out of altenatore  (Read 36 times)

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Ideal voltage out of altenatore
« on: Today at 07:41:55 AM »
I am planning on making a 48v alternator for my wind turbine, The idea is to run wild ac down the pole to the house, then there I will feed it into a 3 phase auto transformer to match the current 12v system.

Over load controls and  dump loads will be on the 48v ac side. but here's my problem, I need to know what the general ideal voltage from the turbine would be so I could start fleshing out the Auto transformer.

For the dump load I want to use a Voltage controlled oscillator  to drive a scr to the water heater, and if the water heater is off a air heater bank will be active so there will all ways be a dump load active.. So in short a PWM dump load controller

Or even 120V.  Right now I am just looking for ideas. Still yet to make the geo blades, my air X recently was killed in the wind storm thanks to a failed wire inside allowing to vastly over speed, the mags tore off the rotor and mangled the stator!

I can repair the rotor system, but the stator can be purchased rather cheaply, but as stated want to remove the circuitry and run it right to the house and do all the controlling from there.
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Re: Ideal voltage out of altenatore
« Reply #1 on: Today at 10:06:43 AM »
why not wind your alternator with 2 sets of coils.

at a given (fixed) rpm:

2Y makes 3.46 v
2D makes 2 v
1y makes 1.73 v
1D makes 1 volt.

So 12 leads from the tower feed into 2 sets of wye/delta relays.

The relays feed two sets of 3 phase rectifiers, and the output of both rectifiers gets fed into a dpdt relay, such that the rectifiers are in series or in parallel.

I would wind an alternator for a voltage such that regular off the shelf heating elements will be a good match for the power you can get.