Author Topic: RE electrical crock pot, and cookin beans  (Read 12933 times)

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Re: RE electrical crock pot, and cookin beans
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So what do you do with the chicken after you pressure steam it?
 Just kidding. I understand a lot of people eat chicken, about the only way  I can stomach it is if I batter and fry For me my white meat is any kind of sea food .
 Since the bowl just lifts out of the rice cooker and the cavity where it fits is about 1.4 inches all the way round and on the bottom except for 1 spot where it touches a thermal switch  I have thought about casting a clay liner to go between the bowl and the case.
  when I cook beans I like to soak them overnight in spiced water with a few chopped habaneros , onions , garlic & bell pepper then the next morning I will put them on let them come to a raging boil then turn my switch down to the #3 setting this keeps them at just under 190 degrees F. By the time I get home10 to 12 hours later they are perfect. the wife will stir them a few times during the day but that's about all that is needed.
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