Author Topic: Building a 6kw pure sine wave inverter using power jack boards part2 the guts..  (Read 29120 times)

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Start another thread for the mini inverter.  I just got another board in, left two at the camp last year.  I have a collection of old UPS transformers, but they are only about 200W from smaller units.  That with the fets from those units make a nice quickie inverter.  Also have two identical new GE 12/24-120/240 500W transformers I could put in parallel to make a 12-48V unit.

Here is something I think is a deal.  I bought a few of these to mount NANO boards on.  They are just two  pins short of mounting the EGS002 boards on.  Fortunately the last two pins are the fan pins and they could be bent to use other connectors.  The board could also be sliced in half for two units.  Skip the wire connectors and solder directly to the board.


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 I for one, would be very interested in learning how to build what tytower is asking about.

 Perhaps he could start a thread with all pertinent information and photos.

 I have 2 older 1500kva UPS's at 24V and would like to build a 24V battery to 120V ac unit to start.

 I'm hoping to use the xformers from both units and rewind them as one, if this will work out. I looked up the 8010 boards and sometimes they come with a 2002 board for $15.00 all in free shipping. Can't believe that is all the electronics needed to make a decent inverter.

I have one of these boards (well, not exactly this one because i bought it several months ago)
the price i see right now is $4.74 and $1.85 shipping

Harold, its likely that your older UPS has totem pole mosfet drivers. a 2n2222 and 2n2907 transistor with a 2n7000 to drive them.
The newer ones have a surface mount 16 pin H bridge driver, and i can't remember the part number.

Basically all you need to do is preserve the h bridge driver and cut the H bridge off the board. Add a second capacitor to the board because the ESR of the old one increases with age.

That egs002 drive board already has the IR2110 driver and it supposedly can deliver a peak current of 2 amps into the fets. this is good, but the problem is the inductance between the ir2110 drive board and the H bridge. it would be better to install the gate driver as close as possible to the h bridge.

there are some other details i will look into before speculating on the best way to handle the output voltage and current sensing.

I would not rewind those transformers, they aren't welded, but i've always experienced significantly higher eddy current losses whenever i take a core apart and put it back together, and i can't fit all the sheets into the original bobbin the second time anyway.


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I'm wondering if you have made any movement on this? I'm still trying to absorb the info in this thread but wish to make a system to run my own grid .

Harold in CR

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 I have been so busy digging my micro hydro storage pond, built an open design car shelter to be closed later, trying to learn how to hack OEM automotive motor controllers, and general farm maintenance, I just have not gotten into this inverter build.

 Too many projects, not enough time.  ::)