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48 volt CFL's (Compact Fluorescent Lights)

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David HK:
The marketing people from Phillips Hong Kong have come back to me and advised that they have no plans to manufacture a 48 volt CFL in the immediate future.
The marketing people are not engineers and have little understanding of renewable energy and even less about battery banks and voltages.
I shall continue to make more enquiries and lobby suitable people who may be able to put pressure on the light bulb industry.
David HK

Good luck but I can't imagine there will ever be enough market for someone like Phillips to get involved. If you really think there is one for this you may want to take advantage of it yourself. 48vdc CFL's would be an exceptionally small scale project.

JMO, John.........

David HK:
Hello  JMO John.
The benefits of 48 volt CFL's would likely enable people to seriously consider 48 volt battery systems for renewable energy (RE) purposes. Other users of this site have suggested that they would welcome a product of this type.
The more choice there is in RE systems so much the better. Taking voltage direct from a battery bank seems to me at least far more beneficial than putting it through inverters because there are great savings in terms of cost and a reduction in equipment and so on.
To quote another user "The more volts there are, the easier it is to play with the electricity."
I would welcome more comments.
David HK

None of what you just wrote means anything to Phillips though and that is all that matters. For everyone who might want a 48vdc cfl someone will want a 36vdc or 60vdc. Phillips would never bother in a market where there is no standardization. Am I right in thinking that you are in Hong Kong? If you are you are in the correct location to do it yourself. There might be enough business for one guy to make a living at it. If there isn't there is no reason for a large company to even consider it.


bob golding:
hi david, why no try one of the chinese manufacturers. when i got in touch with one of them about 12v cfl,s with bayonet caps rather than es ones they were very helpfull. they had a mininum order of 100 which was very reasonable i thought.i can dig out the name if you are interested. email me. i used to work for philips and can tell you they wont consider such a limited market. they think in millions of dollars.
bob golding


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