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Well, I just thought that I would pass this on to those who might be interested in using LED lighting on 110/120 VAC. Acriche ( has released a few new LEDs that work on 120 VAC. They have several versions, but the single LED version is about 2 watts and puts out about 80 Lumens of light. At 110 VAC, it uses about 20mA of current.
There is also a 2-LED version, which is about 150 Lumens and uses about 40mA of current.
The great news is that Mouser ( has these in stock, and they only cost about $23.00 (and some change). I have a couple of the 2-LED variety on order. I will report back when I get them, and give details on how well they work (or don't work).
I hope that this is useful information for those who might be interested in using LEDs for lighting (like I am).

These are available at K-Mart for $8 don't know

how many lumens ...but 23 LEDS seem to be quite

bright !

Runs of 4 AA batteries (6 volts) seemed like a

good deal to me.

Lights up a good part of my backyard.

           ( :>) Norm.

I know this is only once a year, but...
The day after Christmas, Christmas lights get drastically reduced because its more expensive to ship and store them until next year.
Some of them are LED's and some of the LED's are white. Make a note and next Christmas find out who is carrying the strings of white LED's, and the day after, POUNCE!
Bought for pennies on ther dollar!  -Ron
"'s not just a river in Egypt" -Rehab

"These are available at K-Mart for $8 don't know how many lumens ..."
How well do these work on 120 VAC? I think that if you re-read my initial post, you will see that I am emphasizing the cool feature (well, to me) that these new LEDs work straight off of 120 VAC - which is house current... all ya gotta do is hook up a cord to them, and light 'em up! (Oversimplification - it would be better to get them housed with an edison base socket)
Anyway... I already have my 12 VDC circuit - 3 5-Watt LEDs running off of my 17Ah battery - that is charged during the day with a 20-Watt solar panel. It's been working great since May or so.
I was just looking at a way to light up LEDs with minimal house current - which these seem to be doing.
Plus - one of my goals is to just use 1 LED to provide sufficuent light - not 18 or 30. The fewer, the better (and more reliable).
Thanks, though for your input!

It sounds awesome, until you get to the part about the $23.oo


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