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VAWT new proto-type

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I completed fabricating a new VAWT. I still need to attach the PMA. I will first try direct drive and if that proofs not to provide enough RPM’s it can easily be configure with a pulley and belt drive.  The proto-type shows the hub needs a lot of improvement and I still need to add alignment braces to the top and bottom of vertical blades.  The designs allows for easily increasing the blade size if required. Waiting for wind so performance can be evaluated. Still lots of room for improvement but all in all, it is a good start. Comments welcome. Cheers.

I just like the look of it.  Why ruin the appearance with a bunch of wires?   ;)

Bruce S:
I like the way you can adapt to add larger blades if necessary.
What have you decided to use as bearings on the inside.

"Waiting for wind" yup Murphy's first law of "mills... has come to visit you too.

Bruce S

Greetings, The bearings are 5/8 ID and I have to fabricate the PMA with a rotating central shaft. All previous PMA’s were constructed with a stationary central shaft.  I found some off the shelf hubs that will aid with fabrication. I used plastic paneling I found at HOME DEPOT for the blades.  The concept drawing shows 6 blade but I cracked one of the blades testing how far it would bend so I reconfigured the proto-type with 5 blade just to test if it could be fabricated.  What would perform better 5 or 6 blades?  Still no wind, but I mounted a trailer hatch to the car so I use a cargo carrier and mount the VAWT for testing. It gives the neighbors something to talk about when I do the road tests, but it is all in good fun. Thanks for the input and best regards. 

HUB link:

I would make it as tall as possible for a larger windswept area.  As for the 6 blades, I am not sure, but it has to be better than my 3 bladed attempt:

What rpm are you shooting for?  I would think you would want cut in to be about 30-40 rpm with a diameter of about 2-3 feet.

I found that my 3 blade version failed mainly b/c of the shape of the blades.  It would shake a lot too. 

Good luck!


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