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Axial flux turbine MK 3
« on: May 13, 2016, 09:42:15 PM »
Having put aside my past axial generator for a couple of years I have decided to start building again.

My previous build here was great fun, but it had a few problems.

I never managed to incorporate very good bearings into the structure, so there was a slight wobble, meaning that I couldn't maintain a tight clearance between the magnets and stator.

I have a car wheel hub bearing pictured which would be ideal but I need a precisely machined base plate to mount the hub bearing on.

I've been drawing up a base plate in CAD software and plan to get it laser cut from mild steel.

The car wheel hub bearing pictured screws perfectly onto the brake disc rotor and then on the bottom has 3 screw holes that you can't see which will align with the 3 larger holes near the middle of the base plate. The large central hole is where the bearing will slot into. The outermost hole on the end of each of the 6 arms will take a threaded rod to support the rest of the generator.

Some questions that I could do with help on:
What thickness of steel should I get this cut out of? I had 8mm thick in mind, will that be strong enough or is it overkill?
The width of each of the arms is 25mm, is that also enough?
Welcome to any other comments on my design.

Looking forward to getting this part cut. It will be critical to the entire PMG.