Author Topic: Sencenbaugh 1000-14 Wind Generator  (Read 1028 times)

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Sencenbaugh 1000-14 Wind Generator
« on: June 08, 2016, 11:07:41 PM »
Here it is - one of the most robust wind generators to come out of the seventies. A smaller version of the Jacobs, but without the blade governors, these passed the big wind tests at the Rocky Flats Test Center in 1977. This particular one was at a Vermont residence for over 30 years when I purchased it. It was restored with new bearings, slip rings, etc but it probably needs a new set of blades, or someone to refurbish the old ones. Three six foot sitka spruce props, 1200 watts peak @12 volts, 290 peak RPM before offset tail vane governor activates, 3 to 1 helical gear transmission, with 3 phase alternator. I have one complete unit (with worn blades), and another one unit for spare parts (but without a tail vane or control panel, with worn blades). I'm guessing that the generator unit weight in at around 150 lbs.- half the weight of a Jake. OK, local pickup would be preferable, but shipping is possible. For more info contact Joe at 831-726-1139 between 8-9 am Pacific Time. email at $1500 for a beautiful piece of the past9829-09830-1