Author Topic: Here's what I have to work with so far, Suggestions?  (Read 938 times)

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Here's what I have to work with so far, Suggestions?
« on: January 19, 2017, 04:02:46 AM »
Most of the stuff I've been "collecting" is for a 24V system. I have two 160W Air 40 wind turbines,at least one of them needs new blades. I have a couple of regular 12V lead acid batteries, exact same batteries. I have two solar panels, I may be getting more in the future, they were free. I'd like to know if they are decent panels, if so I may buy some instead of waiting for them to come to me as "blems". I think I can get them for around $135 each. I have a Morningstar TS-MPPT-45 and a few other items. I may be getting a couple of the Sunsaver MPPT charge controllers too. I have a two Samlex SEC2440UL battery chargers, one is missing the gauges, both I'm 99.9% certain were replaced because of blown internal fuses. I also have a few Low Voltage Disconnect switches, that are rated at around 20A-25A.

What I'd like to do is go almost completely off grid in my shop. I know I will not be able to run my air compressor, (5hp 240V) or the welder and plasma cutter off grid, but the shop lighting should be no problem. I may try to run the water pump and controls for my wood fired radiant heated floor off grid.

Later down the road, I'd like to buy some 400 Ah 6v batteries, I think I can get some for around $250 each +/_ a few dollars. I think they are Reliance brand. 

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Re: Here's what I have to work with so far, Suggestions?
« Reply #1 on: January 19, 2017, 10:46:01 AM »
Since you're going 24Vdc you can string the panels in series to get over the 24V hump.
NOT seeing the front of the panels I would say they're okay. Especially since they are free :-).

I don't see anything out of the ordinary.
Would be good to know what type of lights you're using. I've seen some of the longer CFL shop lights have buzzing issues with the lower priced inverters .

The turbines are a different thing. Look and see if there a rating panel on the body of those, I "think" they're 12V , so there could be an issue with using those on a 24V system. I'm hoping you got these free-to-cheap too. They really aren't that great unless you're in a high wind area, 15mph is a good start.

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