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Onans and Transformers!
« on: May 07, 2017, 02:41:02 PM »
Well just took 4 years but finally finished my Onans ignition upgrade, went from points to electronic ignition and have to say the results are excellent!

It is a 3Kw 120v only gen set, there's a problem when you want to drive a house panel with proper split phase! (Here we just call it single)

In comes the transformer, it was a junk yard find! 30Amp isolation transformer, wound with 2 separate coils with each coil having 3 taps! 110, 200, 220, 240 are the settings, at 110 it simply paralleled the the 2 winding's. So to make it fit North American power standards I had to do some hacking!

So now my 3Kw Onan can run the house panel like normal grid power, as a bonus I can use my drier with .7 Amps to spare! So means rest of the house needs to be off!

If others are interested in the Onan mods I'll add them into here. Just very happy with the success of it all and figured haven't posted in Ages!

Next thing to do is add a fan, and some panel meters and secure the wiring, will replace the input wiring with better wires (10AWG) and replace the cheap eyelets with some quality ones crimped and soldered!)

Other wise it is pretty well don!

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