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Lucas- Freelite generator 24V R900R
« on: February 06, 2018, 05:27:03 AM »
Being a new member please forgive me if I am running over previous discussions.
I am a volunteer at the High Salvington Windmill in Worthing Sussex UK. The main windmill was originally built around 1760 & was used up until about 1900. It fell into disrepair & was restored into working condition with much effort & expense about 30 years ago. Since then we have added another three small wind powered devices. Two  pumps & we are presently trying to get a Freelight generator operational.
Enough of background. The Freelight unit was found in a field fitted on top of a wind pump tower. The wind pump was non operational.
Our problem is the generator unit.  It would be great if someone could provide any expanded drawings of the unit (appreciate it may be a holt grail).  We have had the unit rewound & it generates but there is a field fuse one end of which appears was attached to an external post with (possibly) a spring steel (guess!) running between the external post & the brass fuse carrier. Seems to be a similar arrangement internally. Information on the reason for this would be appreciated as the brass fuse holder is screwed into the generator end plate & would give a perfectly adequate earth path for the fuse.  Present plan is to replace this connection but want to fully understand the unit.
Numbers on the caseing as follows: 24V >>>------------>451
Type: A900R   L3
Unit is 6 inches in diameter & is made by Joseph Lucas  (better known in the classic motorcycle fraternity as 'The Prince of Darkness'
FYI|: We have refurbish the tower (metal not wood - this as found), the wooden propeller.  Fitted a battery box & are trying to arrange a voltage regulator together with  load lights.
The regulator etc are proving problematic.

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