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Site News / Re: post about website-related issues
« Last post by clockmanFRA on Today at 02:33:27 PM »
looks like Canadians are taking over  this site .

I for one, welcome our new Canadian overlords.  Hockey, curling, Molson all good! 

Yes..... and they speak French, very alluring !!!!!

Site News / Re: post about website-related issues
« Last post by klsmurf on Today at 10:24:03 AM »
looks like Canadians are taking over  this site .

I for one, welcome our new Canadian overlords.  Hockey, curling, Molson all good!  Would you please do something about our politics.
Site News / Re: post about website-related issues
« Last post by electrondady1 on Today at 09:01:05 AM »
looks like Canadians are taking over  this site .
Wind / Re: gear box study
« Last post by mbouwer on Today at 05:06:04 AM »
Sparweb, that I will consider.

Top view of the gear box (stage 1) + the components I would like to add.

Attachments: bov.a.z. tekst.jpg * bov.a.z. tekst.jpg ( - downloaded times.)

Site News / Re: post about website-related issues
« Last post by hiker on Today at 02:33:24 AM »
Test...I phone..just delete if it's out of other hobby......

Attachments: image.jpg * image.jpg ( - downloaded times.)

Site News / Re: post about website-related issues
« Last post by SparWeb on Today at 12:38:08 AM »
If you look at the "Sandbox" thread I basically uploaded a bunch of images of different sizes in different ways to see how the system handles them.
All pictures bigger than 900 pixels on a side were re-sized, even the image links from other websites.  That's pretty impressive, and it worked almost every time.
Keeps the page tidy when images can't expand off the right side.

I did eventually try an enormous image, about 9MB, and it couldn't be uploaded.  Seems reasonable to not support files of that size.  I got a +3MB file to upload just fine.  It was about 3000 pix on a side, and it resized down to ~800 nicely.

I made a new post under "How to work with Images".  If you see any mistakes, I will fix ASAP!
Site News / Re: post about website-related issues
« Last post by SparWeb on Today at 12:29:39 AM »
I hope the regular members don't see that same long list of "Sandbox" posts in the Quarantine that I can see...
I assume all posts there are hidden?
How to work with images / Re: How to attach pictures
« Last post by SparWeb on Today at 12:04:27 AM »
I've done a little update to image posting guidelines, here:,149480.0.html
The posting rules have changed, and I've added some instructions to help members use the image posting features.
There is much less need to resize photos before uploading, now.  The site can re-size them for you.
How to work with images / Image posting guidelines
« Last post by SparWeb on February 17, 2018, 11:57:56 PM »
Here are the rules for posting attachments and images on Fieldlines:

New members are not permitted to attach images to posts right away.  This is to discourage blatant advertising.  The limit goes away after you've made 10 posts.
Currently there are no official size limits to the file that can be attached, but in practice there is not much point in uploading files larger than 1000 pixels across and 1 MB.
Pictures larger than 1000 pixels across or high will be resized automatically when you upload them.  This may lead to graininess or blockiness that you don't intend.
It is done to reduce the bandwidth needed to load a page full of pictures, for members that don't have a high bandwidth connection.
If you want to load a big picture, but you're concerned that the scaling will make it unreadable, try resizing it yourself first.  If satisfied with that result, upload your resized picture.

Windows Tip:
If you use Paint to resize pictures, try to crop first, then make sure to "maintain aspect ratio" before resizing.  Old versions of Paint do this very badly or not at all.  Use something else.  On Windows 7 and later, Paint is better, and can scale pictures by % or by desired pixel size.  The JPG it saves is sometimes, strangely, more bytes than the original.  Paint does not have good JPG compression, so if you're concerned about image quality, again, "use something else".

Android Tip:
The standard Gallery has a basic image editor that allows you to crop but not resize.  Open to suggestions for folks who have found a nice image editor for Android.

Web pictures:
You can insert pictures from other websites by using the "Insert Image" button (the first on the left over the smileys).  People who have image gallery accounts (Adobe, Picasa, Photobucket, etc.) may want to upload their pictures there, and link them in.  Most readers will not see a difference when reading your post.  When you do this, the image link in your post will look like this: 

Code: [Select]
Use this feature carefully though: if the other website deletes or moves the photo, this image link will be broken.  Your readers will no longer see your photo.  By uploading it instead, your image will always be available.

These rules are subject to change as the needs of our members change, and as new features are added to the software that runs this forum, if it will benefit our members.


This is what the image attachment features look like:

Some tips on how to use them:

Basic steps to upload your images:
  • Expand the + "Attachments and other options" below the text field
  • Click Browse to choose the first file from your computer.
  • Place the cursor in the text where you want the image inserted.
  • Select Inline or End-of-File.
  • Notice that a bit of code was inserted at the cursor.
  • The file is actually uploaded after you post your message.

The system only allows 5 images per post.  If you want to share lots of pictures, just post 5 at a time and make a new post with more.
If you delete the code for the inline photo, you can manually type it back in - just be careful because computers do exactly what you tell them to do.
When you PREVIEW your post, you won't see your picture uploads right away.  They will only be uploaded when you hit POST.
If you chose to link in images from another website, you will see them in the PREVIEW.  They will already be sized or resized depending on how big they are.

So far, my tips have only referred to JPG format images.  Images in GIF and PNG format are also supported and work just as well.
You can also insert documents such as text files and PDF's.  They will appear as links in your text if you want to use them.

By the way, this is the image I was attaching "Inline":

And this is what happens to the image I attached by "End-of-Post".  There's a horizontal line just below this text and the image(s) come after it.

Attachments: PIAGGIO1.jpg * PIAGGIO1.jpg ( - downloaded times.)
PIAGGIO1.jpg * PIAGGIO1.jpg ( - downloaded times.)
FL_image_Posting1.png * FL_image_Posting1.png ( - downloaded times.)
FL_image_Posting2.png * FL_image_Posting2.png ( - downloaded times.)

Other / Re: Steam Engine!!!
« Last post by JW on February 17, 2018, 09:15:39 PM »
I made some really great progress with the burner tonight. I want to post a video :)
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