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Transportation / Re: EV Market, 20-Year Bet
« Last post by Bruce S on December 29, 2017, 01:46:03 PM »
Understood, I try to keep responses from getting too deep.

My reasons for asking about the wheeled part is multi-fold. Having had great luck in traveling in my past life, I've had the chances to see a great number of 2 & 3-wheeled vehicles.
I know and understand mass-transist usually means 4-wheeled , but even here in the middle of the USA, we're seeing more and more 2 & 3-wheeled vehicles.
As many may know from my very early posts about our daughter's e-bike (48Vdc 550watter) , this is still a very nice e-bike and our city considers it an urban vehicle allowed on all roads except highways. Plus there's the 3-wheeled EVs that I'm seeing across a lot of the states I still visit.
There's even an annual event where the EV trikes trek across IOWA.

Bruce S
Controls / Re: OzInverter, 6kW-15kW, PSW, 50HZ/60HZ. Dec 2017 Update Info.
« Last post by JW on December 29, 2017, 01:39:02 PM »
Hi Clockman I noticed you are using end of post images. There is a way to insert your pictures in the text area, this may help-,146470.0.html
Controls / Re: OzInverter, 6kW-15kW, PSW, 50HZ/60HZ. Dec 2017 Update Info.
« Last post by clockmanFRA on December 29, 2017, 01:37:23 PM »
The OzInverter PowerBoard.

* PCBPowerBrdList2a.pdf (194.9 kB - downloaded 21 times.)

This design and layout works well, and 'oztules' has well tested them. And since they work I am reluctant to change anything.

This Power board size just sits on a sheet of A4, ie, designed so it can be laser printed for the tracks, drill, solder stop etc, with a standard A4 printer.

Its Double sided with double copper thickness both sides.

It should be remembered that these boards are not your normal electronic industry type of design and layout.   The power board takes serious amounts of Power.

These completed OzInverters would live outside in all sorts of climatic conditions and should have a good longer than normal operational life.

We wanted PCB's that were hardy, good size tracks, good size via pin holes so that substrate separation would be kept minimal, and easy to repair.

Through hole components were used as its a DIY project and folks assembly methods skills vary widely.

Controls / Re: OzInverter, 6kW-15kW, PSW, 50HZ/60HZ. Dec 2017 Update Info.
« Last post by clockmanFRA on December 29, 2017, 01:20:41 PM »
The OzControl PCB No12.

* PCBOzContrlBrd12bbList.pdf (356.28 kB - downloaded 22 times.)

Its the same structure as Oztules, its just that in the very beginning I developed the PCB slightly differently.

On the Final and  latest 'OzControl PCB No12,' I have also left the 2 overtemp molex connectors as the over temp is a trusted way of starting and stopping the OzInverter safely and was used on the OzControl No8 PCB, and now one connector is used as a safe start stop for the LVD (low voltage shutdown).

The OzCooling board.

* OzCoolingMsk+Discrip1a.pdf (692.77 kB - downloaded 31 times.)

This is Oz's well tested and proved circuit.

Its now a double circuit as failure on one in the field means the other can be switched over, also I cool the torroid and the PCB's separately, as its surprising that the 2 heat up and cool down very differently.

Controls / OzInverter, 6kW-15kW, PSW, 50HZ/60HZ. Dec 2017 Update Info.
« Last post by clockmanFRA on December 29, 2017, 01:14:30 PM »
OzInverter, 6kW -15kW, PSW, 50HZ/60HZ. Update Info.

Make your own 6kW-15kW Pure Sine Wave OzInverter,  48vdc to 240vac/120vac, 50HZ/60HZ.

The new PCB's,  'OzControl No12', the 'OzCooling', and the 'Power Board' are now very well tested around the World.

 I will post the Gerber Files, RS-274X, for the 'OzControl and 'OzCooling' Board, and parts/components lists for all the PCBs.
I am also rewriting the OzInverter book to implement all the latest information, especially intergrating the 15 page supplement about making the PCB boards, copper masks etc.    And a mention of the 60HZ, (pin18 to +5v) and the split secondary for 120vac for North America , and if enough demand, a new OzControl board for the 60HZ..

Catch up.

Over the years I have purchased several well-known manufactured Inverters, all of which are not ideal for general normal use.

In 2014-15 with help from 'Oztules', a real nice guy, I pushed Inverter technology backwards but went forwards with the latest driving control tech.

Firstly we use a toroid core, we stack them together and wind the core to our/ Oztules empirical calculations, depending on the core cross sectional area.
 We use a decent size matched inductance on the Primary windings so that idle power use/loss comes down to about 38/40 watts for a real PSW 6kW Inverter.

The power board and the control board are designed for real harsh environments and manufactured with large tracks, large pads, to stop substrate separation and importantly all components are through hole type, so in the field repairs are relatively easy. Especially if you have insect/moisture infestation.
 We also put all component values on the boards silk screen, so its "painting by numbers", and therefore very easy to repair without dragging out paperwork to find out what goes where.

We use the 8010 SMD chip, (the only SMD component) and run at 23.4KHz modulation frequency. We have several methods of soft starting the large toroid and this is a key issue. We have also all the normal things, like overtemp shut down and auto restart, etc and can be 50Hz or 60Hz.

In the end I produced a 'How to make a OzInverter' book as a non-profit basis, that's lists and shows everything. And we now also supply the bare Power Board PCB, OzControl Board No12 PCB and the OzCooling PCB as an extra option.

I have replied to questions from the third world, and have advised folk that these OzInverters could easily be manufactured in the thousands, if you have a good Engineer and EE and a good team of assemblers.

In the future I might explain to my young teenager boys whats what, and produce a kit of parts. Manufacturing them myself for resale in this day and age and this present Western culture is a NO NO,  just far too many blasted hoops to jump through.

I say,  . keep it 'Simple', make it 'Robust', and importantly keep it 'Cost Effective'.
Costings. Using new components etc, about $600, scavenging cores, cases, cable etc as low as $250.
Transportation / Re: EV Market, 20-Year Bet
« Last post by SparWeb on December 29, 2017, 11:42:52 AM »
Good question.
When writing my first outline, I decided not to dig into that - it was getting pretty long already.
I'm thinking of all personal transportation and commercial transportation by road.
Some of my stats come from here:
using a definition of motor vehicle as:
passenger cars, light commercial vehicles, minibuses, trucks, buses and coaches.
which comes from this source:

This definition stays out of heavy trucking and that suits my needs because most of the mass of the vehicle is in the goods being transported.
This matters a lot because applications of electric traction are best in vehicles that don't carry much cargo, travel very far, or need high speeds.
Heavy trucks all do exactly the opposite.  I don't pretend to know how trucking will change in 20 years.  So it has nothing to do with the bet.
Transportation / Re: EV Market, 20-Year Bet
« Last post by Bruce S on December 29, 2017, 10:34:34 AM »
When you say EV's , how many Wheels? 2,34, or more? Land only?

If there's gonna be a bet that needs to last 20 years, then all the bases need to be covered.
There maybe some who think I'm being sarcastic with these questions.
I am not.

Bruce S
Transportation / Re: a few basic points about electric vehicles
« Last post by Bruce S on December 29, 2017, 10:25:12 AM »
I too have been alive long enough to see a ton of BS thrown out there as the next cure all. In another life, I was a professional mechanic , even owned and drove ProStock , so I've seen all manner of snake oil for Carb'ed vehicles.

I'm a realist, optimist , and to some extent an environmentalist. This last point is I know that mankind can't kill the earth, but merely make it unlivable by human standards.

However and more to the point the OP is trying to make: Lets talk facts, let's not throw multiple paragraphs of attacks at each other.
IF there's information posted, and it's seems outlandish, then the poster needs to post links to substantiate their claims.

Wind / Re: charging using a small wind turbine
« Last post by JW on December 29, 2017, 10:17:05 AM »
Zoran asked me to share the pm

Quote from: JW on Today at 09:07:02 AM
Well that's one thing we have is theoretical info  I just figured you wanted an easy out. Ask for info in your topic and you will get good results.

Well what kind of info do you think i can get for my question? I mean, what else should i say? You think im not explanatory enough?


Just be patient Zoran they will get around to it
Transportation / Re: a few basic points about electric vehicles
« Last post by SparWeb on December 29, 2017, 10:02:06 AM »
...or that so-called catalytic converter technology that everyone was up in arms about, whatever happened to that...?

...and electronic emissions controls.  Ha!  What a flash-in-the-pan...

...and don't get me started about leaded fuels.  What were they thinking, when they took the lead out of the gas?
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