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HF 1.5Watt Panel Question?

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" just control the LED"
Kind of what I thought

But, being that it has about twice the amount of stuff the newest, "Solar Panel Regulator Charge Controller 60W 12V 5A"

I bid on and won:  "TPS-545"

But was shipped :  "TW-910 "
So I thought, Humm,....

More junk!
Someday I'll buy a real controller!


I always cut the plug off of mine, but the instructions do say that the panel will charge the battery even if the LED burns out.  

Bruce S:
Umm , that is only partially true :;-)

If it burns in the shorted mode then it will charge and dis-charge as the LED will then be considered a piece of wire .

If it burns out like most diodes usually due , you will not get charging as it will be a complete open just like a fuse.
Bruce S


Mine have an extra zener diode in it, which I think is to prevent that problem.  Like I said, I don't care because I cut the whole thing off and use external diodes instead.

I cut mine off too.....Idon't need an LED or a cigarette lighter plug on them.
chuckling......I use them with either the TPS-545 or the TW-910 controllers I have sitting here to charge 10 AA cell nicad banks and then use those banks to run LED lights.


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