Author Topic: How can I make a Pedal Generator ?  (Read 5048 times)

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How can I make a Pedal Generator ?
« on: June 21, 2010, 05:38:38 PM »
A Pedal Generator is commonly called a Pedgen.

It seems to be natural to want to make power using your own body.
However the human body is very limited in it's capability to make power.

A physically fit athlete can produce about 200 watts for a short time
The average man can produce
150 watts for 1  to 5 minutes
100 watts for 15 to 30 minutes
50-80 watts continuously
It helps to have some cooling because your body will also generate quite a lot of heat.

Lots of us have made Pedal Generators. They are represented in the following links . . .,145435.0.html,143525.0.html,129837.0.html,129080.0.html,137889.0.html,128835.0.html,129867.0.html,129248.0.html,141282.0.html,128803.0.html,127715.0.html,130346.0.html,130039.0.html,142597.0.html

FrankG's Recumbent bike with Harddrive magnet generator,139716.0.html Part 1,139734.0.html Part 2,139747.0.html Part 3,139772.0.html Part 4

Outside Links . . .
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