How much two-part resin have you poured, cast, or painted in the last year for wind turbine construction?

None, I used motors and PVC (don't like sticky stuff)
0 (0%)
Less than one litre / two pints
3 (75%)
One to two gallons (4 to 8 litres)
1 (25%)
2-12 gallons  (8 to 48 litres)
0 (0%)
12-20 gallons
0 (0%)
Too few brain cells left to answer with  
0 (0%)

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Author Topic: resin/epoxy usage  (Read 3333 times)

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resin/epoxy usage
« on: August 18, 2011, 10:34:30 PM »
i thought this might be kinda fun...

question:  how much resin have you poured/casted in the last year for wind turbine construction.  this includes potting coils or magnets, or fiberglassing blades, or building glass blades from scratch.  any two part is game.  polyester, epoxy, A & B ect.  two part paint even qualifies. 

i don't know how to make these come up in the pole where you can click the bubble, so here goes

A) none, i used motors, and don't like sticky stuff. 
B)less than 2 gallons
C)2-6 gallons
D)6-12 gallons
E)12-20 gallons
G)50+ gallons
H)i have no brain cells left to answer with   :P