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5 question about Battery Chargers
« on: October 14, 2013, 05:26:10 AM »
1. can you leave the charger unpluged from the ac but left hooked up to the battery?

2.can you hook up multipal chargers, ie a 6 amp and a 1 amp to the same battery but only plug one chager into the ac?

3. Can you run both chargers, ie 6/1 amp at the same time? ... if so will that net 7 amps?

4. How long can the power cord b from a generator to a battery , say using # 12 wire, ie honda 2000 to bat bank? ( im wanting to use both 35 feet apart)

5. Any way to determine state of charge using an older charger without waiting for any length of time to dissapate surface charge?

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Re: 5 question about Battery Chargers
« Reply #1 on: October 14, 2013, 08:17:54 AM »
1. Yes, but not best practice. You are depending on the diodes or relays in the charger to prevent drain back.
2. Yes, but really not good practice at all. See #1.
3.Yes, but it will not net 7 amps. Chargers normally regulate their current based on voltage. You only get 7 amps when the battery is very low. 6 amp and 1 amp is a serious mismatch. 1 more amp isn't going to get you much. There are 10 amp charger easily available if you need faster charging. Nothing wrong with having 2 chargers. One can always be a backup in case one quits.
4.12 gauge is pretty heavy duty. At least 85 feet I think at 1875 watts. Your example is nowhere near that far or high current.
5.No. Read volts with a meter after unplugging the charger for a minute. 13v and up is full for an SLA, 12.8v and up for a flooded battery.