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LED MR16 DC lights
« on: August 24, 2015, 01:21:18 PM »
We've been trying some of these new lights.

The problem we've encountered in the past with LEDs, particularly for these specular reflector lights has been the color and color rendition.  For my eyes, in a residential setting, we want something around 2500K-2700K (warm white, or very warm white)) and the highest CRI possible.  The CRI on the original quartz halogen (20w) lamps is 100; pretty hard to beat in a kitchen where you might like to have oranges look orange and tomatoes look red.

These are 7w, dimmable, 2700K and 95 CRI.  They replace the equivalent of a 40w incandescent.  I'd say they are very comparable to the standard 20w BAB's.  Great colar & CRI and they dim smoothly down to ~5-10%.  We regularly use these on a 12VDC track  - just wire the terminals so they both go to the low voltage conductor strips, usually they are both on the same side.  The lamps are a bit pricey, but the "gimble rings" are dirt cheap and readily available.  Lots of low voltage fixtures they'll work with.  On a dimmer they make excellent reading lights.  Very good for displaying our boys latest "art work".

They are also available in 7.5w; a bit more light.  Only slightly lower CRI.