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misc stuff, generator, wire etc.
« on: August 16, 2016, 03:02:48 PM »
As I said in my first or second post, I had built this generator and flew it at my house until the batteries were toast due to old age. Didn't have the cash to buy new batteries so took the windmill down. It flew flawlessly for 3-4 years. Now were planning to move across the country so I would like to part with some of my odds & ends. I figured I learned a lot here, so why not see if anyone here needs/wants this stuff.

The windmill parts I have are a 12awg wound dual rotor Hugh Piggott generator. It was a downwind style with a thrust bearing between it and the tower. 24 volt. Seems fine still, it reaches 20+ ocv with a turn by hand.  And barely moves when shorted out. It was built out or a trailer stub axle that is removable. I have the blades, but they seem faded and a little rough from sitting I guess. I also have the 30' tilt down tower. I don't have the hinge base anymore though, or the cables. Maybe someone wants some or all of this stuff for parts or to use? Not looking for much, make an offer.

I also have a roll of 12awg magnet wire. I weighed it on the fish scale and figure there is around 23lbs on it still. Wouldn't mind 60$ for this though, that's barely over scrap price here.

I also have one of Ghurd's controllers (I think that was his name, he was on here). I believe it is 12v, but I'm not sure if there is a way to tell... pm me if anyone knows. I have the mosfet for it but one of the leads is broken off flush on the bottom.
Make an offer...

I also have a xantrex c35 charge controller, that is used and a bit dusty right now but worked fine last time I used it. Also an old 24v powerbrite 900watt inverter.

Ideally someone nearby is a tinkerer and would like some or all of this stuff. I will also entertain trades (if they are easy to move out west), guns/ammo, hunting stuff, gold, silver, bitcoin.

I just don't have the heart to take some of this stuff to scrap.
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Re: misc stuff, generator, wire etc.
« Reply #1 on: August 17, 2016, 10:10:28 AM »
Open the Ghurd controller box.
Near the center at the top of the circuit board, if there are 2 empty holes, it is 12v.

If that area has a Zener and small flat orange disk cap in parallel, then it's 24v.

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