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56 frame PM motor/gen
« on: March 01, 2017, 11:23:33 PM »
here's a photo.

yes there are 4 tack welds on the frame and i can grind them off before i ship it. by now the shaft is probably rusted a bit and you may want need to replace the bearings, i don't think i have any on hand at the moment. i believe they are 6202. edit: the shaft may be stainless. this motor is intended to drive the fan in an outdoor heat pump.

motor was rated 1/2 hp at 1250 rpm. its 10 poles, ceramic magnets, almost zero cogging. maximum current it can generate is  2.4 amps with a standard 3 phase rectifier (internal inductance limit). voltage should be around 300 volts dc or 200 volts ac at 1250 rpm. unknown efficiency but at 2.4 amps it got slightly warm in 0C ambient temperature, which is twice its normal operating current as a 1/2 hp motor. --It was thrown out because two of the 5 magnets had broken their glue joint, so i glued them back on. you can rewire the motor for delta, or 2Y or double delta, there are 12 individual coils inside the motor, its a concentrated pole motor.

For the very micro hydro application, i have a KFD-280-23-8B.

produces 100 vdc at about 1400 rpm and its short circuit current is .53 amps at that rpm. allegedly this is a "280vdc motor, 40 watts" it probably doesn't work as a motor, otherwise it wouldn't have been found in a dumpster*. images for this can be found via google.

you can have them for the cost of shipping.
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