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Charging oddity
« on: March 16, 2017, 02:38:58 PM »
I have noticed for some time now, there has been a charging oddity while using the Li micro chargers.
First a little history:
I re-purpose laptop batteries and the very nice Dewalt 18V battery packs.
I don't mix them , due to different types of batteries and charge levels.
However, I do mix the laptop batteries. I make them up into several different configurations. This post, however, is only about the 12V setups.
Being the batteries measure 3.7V and the banks are configured for 2000mA; I only have to use 4 to get the the voltages I need.
During my building and testing , I've noticed that IF I only use 1 of the Li chargers connected to just one of the batteries, it seems to charge the entire battery pack !??

I've gone so far as to purposefully drained a known good pack, just to see if this would happen even to a dead pack.
It took that poor little charger DAYS to show the single battery charged, but the pack showed the 15V+ just as if I had charged it at the 12V charger.
I can't just yet check a charged pack under a true testing machine, but the pack works on the LED grow lights just like it does if I had used it on the standard recharging regime.
I was wondering if anyone else had noticed this phenomenon?

Here's a pic of the chargers I'm using.
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