Author Topic: (3) complete 10' axial turbine kits for sale  (Read 768 times)

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(3) complete 10' axial turbine kits for sale
« on: July 29, 2017, 07:14:28 PM »
hi there, here's the story on these turbines:
 i was hired by a client to build 3 of the homebrew windpower 10' turbines. the customer couldn't get permits for the towers on his property, and i was told to stop work on the units and they have been sitting unfinished in my shop for 2 years, now they have to go, and i need to be paid somehow!
 i will post pics asap, but what i have is everything necessary for (3) 48v 700w 10' turbines described in Bartman and Fink's "homebrew windpower" book, without the towers. some assembly required...
all the flat metal parts for 3 turbines, cnc water jetted at a local shop and all welded up to be complete head units
all the rectangular molybdenum magnets ordered from otherpower, (4) rotors are encased in resin already, (2) more still need to be encased (included is the mold you will need to do this)
the 3 hub assemblies
the 3 tailstock pieces are all welded up and included, will need the foil to be made for the rear of the vane
all the wire for 3 48v stators and a nice coil winder
(10) blades, nicely shaped out of Fir
all the stainless 1/2" threaded rod cut to the correct lengths
(i think i used the 1/2" nuts and cap nut on something else, so you will need more of those)

i will include the book so you will understand how they are to be assembled and how they work. i think a competent individual could finish these off in 2 days, not including the tower and set up of course. i want to sell them ALL at once to one buyer. the complete parts kits sell on the otherpower website for 2,200 and you will have to do a lot of welding to get them going. with mine, you will need to wind the coils and assemble the 3 stators and cast them (i have the wire and winder included, i have the molds ready) you will have to cast 2 more magnet rotors in resin (have the magnets, rotor, the jig for assembly, and the mold). you will need to buy or build towers. you will need bridge rectifiers, charge controller, batteries, etc as well.

i would take 2500 for all 3 machines, i will crate it all nicely and have it forklift ready for pickup by Oak Harbor or your shipper of choice (i am in berkeley ca 94703) and you will pay for shipping.

 so get together with a couple friends and have a three-way power party
thanks for looking